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This page is written by John Pryor for Members and Visitors of this church but it is publicly accessible.

It is separate from the Main North Beach Adventist Church site for the ease of putting information on this page without the restrictions of the main North Beach Adventist Church site. You can easily return to the Main North Beach Site by using the links in the hamburger menu (top-left corner) or the horizontal menu at the top of the page.

If you would like information added/updated/changed/deleted, please email me at Thank you.

Re-Opening of the Church from Sabbath Jun 6, 2020

The church has re-opened for Sabbath Services and other activities. However, there are some important changes in consideration of the Covid-19 crises and State Government regulations. Please carefully note the following comments from Clem, our Pastor:

Leadership Positions in the Church

Church Board

Position Name Photo
(150px W x 200px H)
Pastor Clem Van Ballegooyen
Church Clerk Stella R.
Treasurer Reyer K.  
Head Elder John W.
Discipleship Elder Laurina R.  
Head Deacon Julian F.  
Head Deacones Julie K.  
Worship Coordinator Mary K.  
Sabbath School / Community Joyce R.  
Elected Member Melinda M.  
Elected Member Leroy K.  
Youth Rep. Riccardo M.  
Youth Rep. Michelle Pryor  
Indonesian Rep. Bill W.  
Board Members All Elders (see following)  


Position Name Photo
(150px W x 200px H)
Head Elder John W.  
Assistant Elder Laurina R.  
Elder Myra G.  
Elder Athol Prior
Elder John Pryor
Group Mentor Elder Shannon R.  
Group Mentor Elder Bill W.  
Group Mentor Elder Stella R.  
Group Mentor Elder Maria P.  
Group Mentor Elder Melinda M.  
Group Mentor Elder Joanne H.  
Group Mentor Elder Michelle Pryor  

Deacons and Deconesses

Position Name Photo
(150px W x 200px H)
Head Deacon Julian F.  
Head Deaconess Julie K.  
Assistant Deacon John R.  
Deacons Daniel C.
Tim P.
John P.
Luke S.
Frank T.
Deaconesses Priscilla F.
Joyce R.
Jenine P.
Erida Pryor
Olsye O.
Layla R.

Other Positions

Position Name Photo
(150px W x 200px H)
Assistant Treasurers Laurina R.
Stella R.
Bulletin Preparation Jane W.  
Bulletin Printing Mary K.  
Cooking Class Myra G.
Julie K.
Laurina R.
Barbara V.
Worship Team Mary K. (Leader)
Nova C.
Alex H.
Riska O.
Erida Pryor
Michelle Pryor
Laurina R.
John W.
Bill W.
North Beach Teens
Elder on Duty
AV Leader Leroy K.  
Women's Ministries Julie K.  
Lunch Roster Ayesha D.  
Discipleship Laurina R. (Leader)
Myra G.
Joanne H.
Community Leader Joyce R.  
Safe Places Coordinator North Beach Church Board  
Growing Together Team Clem Van Ballegooyen
John W.
Michael P.
Joyce R.
Julie K.
Jenine P.
Ricard M.
Web Site and Public Mailing List John Pryor
Michelle Pryor
Michael Pryor
Church Members and Visitors' Mailing List Jane W.  

Small Groups

Position Name Photo
(150px W x 200px H)
Afternoon Study Group Joanne H.  
Men's Group Leaders Athol Prior
Shanon R.
Co-Gender Group Melinda. M.
Maria P.
Women's Circle Melinda. M.
Maria P.
Soul Sisters Joanne H.
Barbara V.
Indonesia Group Bill W.  

Children and Youth Ministries

Position Name Photo
(150px W x 200px H)
Youth Alessandro C.
Michelle P.
Morena E.
Layla R.
Guinevere R.
Youth Group Mentors Stella R.
Shannon R.
Bernadette W.
Teens Bernadette W. (Coordinator)
John W.
Primary Team Angela G.
Ayesha D.
Natalie P.
Dieter Lares
Guinevere R.
Kindy Team Nova C.
Guinevere R.
Stella R.

Web Links

Following are some links relevant to our Church.
If you have others you would like added, please email

eMailing Lists

We have two mailing lists:

To subscribe to the Mailing List for the Public, please use the form below:
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To unsubscribe from the Mailing List for the Public, send an email to
(Please send using the email address you are subscribed with. The subscribed email address will be on the last line of any email sent to you.)

Zoom Video Conference Information and Guidelines

For Everyone

When you join a meeting, you may be held in waiting room until the host lets you into the meeting. This is a security measure to block unintended attendees who have got their hands on an invitation.

It is good Zoom etiquette for everyone except the host and the person speaking to mute their microphone. This reduces feedback loops and improves audio quality. And also stops unwanted noises being broadcast to all participants. Only one person should talk at a time. Zoom will only broadcast the audio from one speaker at a time. So everyone talking (or singing) at the same time will result in garble. Time for the host to Mute All

You should be aware that meetings can be recorded but you will receive a notification if it is.

Headsets are nice since they improve the audio quality for everyone. It also improves privacy/confidentiality (minimises eavesdropping) in the room where you are.

As in the real world, punctuality is a courtesy that makes meetings run smoother.

More information available at

And help videos at

For Meeting Hosts

Booking a Meeting

The free version of Zoom has a time limit of 40 minutes and restricted options. The church has one licence for Zoom which allows for meetings up to 24 hours and more options.

Please email with the following details of the meeting:

Normally I will respond on the next working day after I receive the request. Booking early will give you a higher priority and avoid conflicts with other requests.

I will then schedule the meeting and provide the details for you to pass on to the potential participants.

Sending Out Invitations

When you send out the invitation, it is most convenient to send out the meeting link with the embedded password. However, you should also include the Meeting ID and Password separately as an alternative. Be aware that links posted on social media reduce the security of the meeting (Zoom-bombing) and my recommendation is not to do it. Perhaps put the meeting notice on social media and have them request the link/password from you separately (privately).

Schedule up a Meeting

I normally set it so the video is off for the host and participants. This allows the participants to prepare before joining the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting I will invite participants to turn on their video and mute their microphones.

For enhanced security, Under Advanced Options you may to check Enable waiting room to avoid Zoom-bombing.

Also under Advanced Options, you have the option of specifying an alternative host to the meeting. During the meeting, you may also hand over the host to another person in the meeting.

Hosting a Meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, the Host should:

During the meeting, it it the Host's responsibility to control the meeting. Your prime control is via the Manage Participants that appears on the bottom middle of the computer screen. Press the Alt key (alone) to see this tool bar. You have several options (some are under the ...)

For better security, it is best to only allow the host to share their screen or upload documents.

Last Updated on 2020-06-16